Unique programs in which younger students acquire natural English ability while learning about themselves and the world around them.

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3. Preschool

Mon.-Fri. 2 hours/week Sat. 3 hours/week



The first few years of a child’s life go by so quickly. As teachers we ask ourselves what we want to impress on our young learners. Rather than ask what we can teach our students, we endeavor to ask ourselves what we can help them discover. Our answer is English for Self Awareness.

The ESA curriculum evolved from the idea that each of us is given a wonderful opportunity to help lead children on a path of self discovery, compassion, and ultimately the life long satisfaction of knowing how to care for themselves and others; knowing how to live happily.

Our 3 year ESA curriculum explores the themes of Caring, Healthy Living, Co-Operation, Environment, Safety, Responsibility and Trust, Respect and Acceptance, and Challenging, Risk Taking, and Trying New Things. Through hands-on learning, children learn about the world around them in a supportive, nurturing environment which develops their confidence in expressing themselves and their understanding of the value of listening to others.

Students are also introduced to the alphabet and phonics through enjoyable, effective activities in class.