Programs designed for students educated in

English-speaking countries,  international school students and children of bilingual / bicultural parents.

  • Language Artクラス
  • Saturday Intensiveクラス
  • Extensionクラス
  • International Tutoring
  • 通信講座クラス

The goal of the Returnee program is to promote the development of the whole child cognitively, socially and linguistically by engaging students in meaningful and enjoyable inquiry oriented learning experiences.

5. Correspondence

帰国子女Language Artクラス写真


The correspondence course provides a personalised learning plan tailored to a student’s needs. It allows students to develop their language skills with minimal class time. Students are required to complete a number of language building exercises each week at home, sending their completed work to English Studio to be evaluated and returned.

Language Arts Focus

How does it work?

A thorough level check involving a written test and interview provides the teacher with an accurate picture of student needs. Parents will also be consulted regarding areas in which they feel their child requires development. After this initial meeting, a course will be outlined and where applicable, appropriate textbooks selected for the student.
Teachers will provide each student with a weekly outline and homework sheet which will be completed and sent in weekly. There will also be a scheduled 30 minute meeting between the student and any available teacher once a month in order to further monitor progress.

A typical program usually involves:

  • ・Weekly journal entry
  • ・Vocabulary / spelling exercises
  • ・Writing assignment
  • ・Grammar exercise
  • ・Reading comprehension exercise

Students can expect to spend between two and three hours a week on their correspondence homework. The focus is not on quantity but rather on meaningful educational progress with a manageable and consistent amount of work.