About Us

Company Name English Studio LLC

6-16-14 Okusawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 158-0083

TEL: 03-5758-2491  FAX: 03-5758-2492

CEO Kanae Nakanishi / Chie Kato
Established January 2013
2,000,000 yen
Descrption of Business

English School




History Founded in 1985 by Ikuko Newell-Tsuboya (Japan International Education Center / CEO), English Studio offers a range of theme-based courses for all levels, from beginners to returnee students.

We place the focus on “Learning IN English” rather than rote learning of English.

1985 English Studio Mita opens.

1987 English Studio Meguro opens.

1999 English Studio Setagaya opens.

2013 English Studio Setagaya becomes English Studio LLC.

Mission To nurture confident, self-expressive and global communicators