Parents or guardians may either visit, telephone or e-mail (inquiry form) us for information regarding our programs. A school brochure is available on request.

Time required: 45 minutes ? 1 hour

(Test time: Non-Returnee approx. 15 minutes Returnee: approx. 30 minutes)

Initial inquiries can be made via email, inquiry form or telephone.

An appointment for a student level-check and parent information meeting is arranged.

The Japanese staff will explain details about our curriculums and school system to parents or guardians while the student is taking the level check test.

The student takes a level check test. This provides a thorough assessment of a student’s level and needs, allowing for appropriate class placement.

For students wishing to join an existing group class, an observation is scheduled.

*The level check applies to all our returnee students and all our non-returnee students with the exception of preschool and prekinder students.

The observation and trial lesson allow the student to attend a class and for parents or guardians to observe part of the lesson. Our policy is to assign all students to appropriate classes based on their age, level and educational requirement.

●Weekday Classes

The student stays for the duration of the lesson. Parents observe the first or last 20 minutes.

●Saturday Intensive Classes

The student stays in the class for 90 minutes until snack time. Parents observe the first or last 20 minutes.

If a student is interested in taking a private or a semi-private lesson, a trial lesson is arranged. Parents or guardians observe the first or last 20 minutes.

Private ttrial lessons last for 30 minutes.

Semi-private trial lessons last for one hour.

For students who would like to join classes after a trial class, a start date is agreed upon. If there are any additional questions or alternative classes, this will be discussed at this point.
Parents or guardians will be asked to fill out an enrollment form. Rules and procedures of the school as well as price and payment will be explained.
This usually takes place while the student is taking part in their first lesson. Parents or guardians can pay at the second lesson or as arranged with school staff.