Unique programs in which younger students acquire natural English ability while learning about themselves and the world around them.

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1. Baby

This curriculum is not only restricted to infants, but also designed to include parents or guardians in all activities.




At early stages of development, infants respond and absorb language more readily when it comes from a parent or guardian. Our classes provide a relaxed, supportive environment in which English is introduced to infants with parent involvement.
Using simple, fun activities enables parents or guardians to repeat the activity at home with family members, so babies can learn words more quickly.
There is strong evidence that repetitive teaching is important during infancy. We teach everyday simple words and useful expressions so parents or guardians can mimic and review what they have learned at home. The role of the parents or guardians in the lesson is important. They are involved in all activities, encouraged to sing and dance with the teacher, and play and act with their babies.