Since English Studio was founded in 1985, our mission has always been to inspire confident, self-expressive, English communicators with personal and social responsibility.

By offering a range of theme based courses for all levels, from beginner to returnee, we place the focus on learning in English rather than rote learning of English.

English Studio is a community school where students and parents feel a sense of ownership and get actively involved in events such as Halloween, Christmas Party, and Summer School excursions.

Why choose English Studio?

① Original Curriculum based on “Inquiry Learning”

When children are actively involved in learning, their motivation increases.
They retain language more effectively if it is linked to engaging learning experiences.

Our original curriculums were developed based on the concept of “Inquiry Learning”, in which the teacher facilitates learning through hands-on experiences, problem solving or research. Students use their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while exploring social studies, science, personal development or arts themes.

English Studio’s founder, Ikuko Newell Tsuboya advocated this new method of studying English in 1985.

② Professional, experienced native English speaker teachers

Teachers are highly professional and committed to delivering engaging, well-prepared classes tailored to learner needs. Training and professional development are ongoing in order to ensure high standards in all areas.

③ Continuous learning support by the assigned class teacher.

Teachers are assigned classes for the entirety of the academic year, ensuring accurate assessment and response to students needs.

④ Appropriate class placement.

We provide a thorough consultation, entry test and class trial/observation, all for free. This ensures that our students learn in classes which accurately match their needs and requirements.

⑤ Comprehensive support for students and parents.

We provide termly reports and parents’ observation week, as well as regular communication with students and parents regarding lessons and home-study.

Individual conferences with the class teacher are also available upon request.

⑥ Small class sizes (3-8 students).

Small classes are maintained in order to enable teachers to tailor learning to student needs and maximize meaningful interaction.