Providing an interactive,  activity based learning environment in which a variety of engaging themes are explored in English.

  • 平日コース
  • 土曜日コース

Our original curriculum for elementary school students is Learning through English (LTE). It is an age-appropriate, theme-based curriculum in which students’ communicative language skills develop organically as they discover the world around them through exciting topics. Terms’ themes include The Future in Space, Food, Music, Marine and Make It.

1. Weekday course

1 hour/week


Themes are explored through experiments, craft and design and hands-on activities. Topic-related language learning allows the students to express their ideas orally and in writing. Developing students’ communicative language skills is the focus of LTE classes.

Option 1

30-minute phonics-centered classes to support students in developing their reading and writing skills.

Option 2

1-hour grammar lesson with a Japanese teacher to study basic grammar taught in 1st year Junior-high school, giving students confidence and a strong foundation to support their language development.

*Only for 4th graders and upper.

2. Saturday course

Sat.(every week or bi-weekly) 10:00-13:00 or 14:00-17:00



Saturday LTE Classes allow teachers and students to fully explore the lesson concepts in one three hour block. Students will have the time to expand on the basic lesson learning activities.

Teachers will also use the extra time to focus on areas that may need additional attention e.g. reading or writing skills.

* In regard to Saturday intensive classes, if notice of student absence is received by the 20th of the previous month, reimbursements will be made thus:  Bi-weekly classes: one day of cancelled classes / Weekly classes: up to 2 days of cancelled  classes.