We place students in the best class for their age and ability. After a consultation, suitable classes are recommended.



Language Art





Saturday Intensive









International Tutoring










Private/Semi-Private lesson

We design personalized courses of study to meet the individual needs of the student.

English Schoool Events


Summer School/Winter School

We offer special programs during August and December. Interested students and their friends can sign up from 1 day. Join our Halloween Party and Christmas Party for Lots of FUN!



  • Original curriculum based on “Inquiry Learning”.

    We focus on developing students’ overall language skill – listening, reading,writing, and speaking ? through various exciting and engaging learning experiences.

  • Teachers are native English speakers and high quality educators.

    Our teachers are well-trained, experienced, and passionate about education. We choose teachers based on quality rather than nationality or appearance.

  • Continuous learning-support by the assigned class teacher.

    Teachers are assigned classes for the entirety of the academic year ensuring accurate assessment and response to student needs.

  • Thorough assessment of student needs in order to determine appropriate class placement.

    We provide a thorough consultation, entry test and class trial/observation all for free. This ensures that our students learn in classes which accurately match their needs and requirements.

  • Comprehensive support for both students and parents.

    We provide termly reports, parents’ observation week, as well as regular communication with students and parents regarding lessons and home-study. Individual conferences with the class teacher are available upon requests.

  • Small group lessons (groups of 3-8 students)

    Small classes are maintained in order to enable teachers to tailor learning to student needs.