Programs designed for students educated in

English-speaking countries,  international school students and children of bilingual / bicultural parents.

  • Language Artクラス
  • Saturday Intensiveクラス
  • Extensionクラス
  • International Tutoring
  • 通信講座クラス

The goal of the Returnee program is to promote the development of the whole child cognitively, socially and linguistically by engaging students in meaningful and enjoyable inquiry oriented learning experiences.

3. Extension

2 hours/week

帰国子女Language Artクラス写真


The Returnee Extension class is designed for grade 1 – 8 students whose level is close to that of a native-speaker of their age. Skills covered include: problem solving, language development, discursive skills and developing an awareness of diversity. 

RP Extension Course Content

Communicative Skills

Discussion, problem solving, presentations, debating (from Grade 5), counseling (from Grade 7) and negotiation

Reading & Writing Skills

Paragraph writing, summarising, essay writing, structuring writing, developing accuracy, developing awareness of appropriate tone, developing vocabulary, research skills.